The Designer and Craftsman of S.L.C.R.

In a world so focused on technology, apps and whats next, I find retreat in my craft. I am Shane Conover-Robertson, a designer, a dreamer and a metalsmith with a vision. My brand S.L.C.R. is a materialization of my passion for working with metal and making jewelry and things a kin to treasure.  I have never been more sure of anything than my resolve and love for working with metal and breathing life into an old craft. It is here in this fanciful world of metal and flame that I find an escape. I make every single  piece by hand from scratch with the intention of heirloom quality craftsmanship, just as things were once made long ago. I take pride in the detail and quality of my work. It is the benchmark of who I am. By utilizing my BFA in the metal arts and design, I combine traditional smithing techniques with fresh perspectives to give form to the beautiful chaos that is my imagination.  Won't you venture with me? There are so many beautiful and wondrous things I've yet to make.